Recognition of Achievements

In the following overview you will find information on the recognition of academic and examination achievements from previous courses of study or from a semester abroad according to §19 SPO BSc 2015 or §18 SPO MSc 2010

Change of Study Program

If you want to change to Meteorology from another course of studies, you can in principle have your achievements from the old course of studies recognised by the examination board. Please contact Prof. Dr. Andreas Fink (Advisory Service for Meteorology and Climate Physics). After a detailed consultation, you then fill out the form for recognition.

Attention: If you are newly enrolled in the Meteorology course, you must submit the application with the documents required for recognition within one semester of enrolment (see § 19 (2), SPO BSc or § 18 (2), SPO MSc).

Change of University

If you would like to continue your studies in meteorology at KIT, you can have your study and examination achievements recognized. The procedure is the same as for changing the study program. The student's excerpt of grades and the module handbook of the university from which he/she changed to KIT serve as proof.

Attention: If you are newly enrolled in the meteorology program, you must submit the application with the documents required for recognition within one semester after enrolment (see § 19 (2), SPO BSc or § 18 (2), SPO MSc).

Stay abroad

When planning your studies abroad, you can select courses in the module handbook of your host university that essentially correspond to the curriculum of the KIT Faculty of Physics.

In the ERASMUS programme, before you start your studies abroad, fill in a form for an individual study plan, the so-called Learning Agreement. Suggest to the examination board which courses and performance assessments (study or examination achievements) of your host university should replace those of KIT. The extent (in credit points) of the course to be recognized must not be significantly smaller, the central contents (according to the module handbook) and the form of examination (written, oral, ...) must be identical, and the degree of difficulty of the performance review must be comparable to or higher than at KIT.

We offer students who plan to study abroad outside the ERASMUS program the agreement of an individual study plan with the KIT faculty (analogous to the ERASMUS Learning Agreement).

You fill out the ERASMUS Learning Agreement or the individual study plan of the KIT faculty together with the academic advisor. After your return, you will apply for recognition of your achievements abroad. For this purpose, the usual form has to be filled in and submitted to the examination board with supporting documents (e.g. the transcript of records). Study achievements that were not previously agreed upon can also be recognized. Additional achievements cannot be acquired abroad (SPO §15 (1)).

Achievements earned outside the higher education system

The recognition of achievements achieved outside the university system is carried out by the deputy chairman of the examination board of the KIT faculty. He consults the representative of meteorology in the examination board.

Such achievements can only be recognized if they are equivalent in content and level. The crediting is made up to a maximum of half of the LP planned for the course of study, provided that it is proven and equivalent.

(Cf. § 32 para. 4 LHG or § 18 para. 5 SPO Master Meteorology or § 19 para. 5 SPO Bachelor Meteorology)

Students who are newly enrolled in the meteorology program must submit the application with the documents required for recognition within one semester after enrolment. (see § 19 (2), SPO BSc or § 18 (2), SPO MSc)


In general, the assessment of the benefits to be recognised is not a schematic comparison, but an overall consideration. Recognition is granted provided that there is no significant difference between the acquired competences and the achievements or qualifications that are to be replaced.