AGU Geophysical Monograph on Clouds and Their Climatic Impacts

New book edited by Sylvia C. Sullivan and Corinna Hoose explores the complexity of clouds.

Clouds and their interplay with radiation, circulation and precipitation continue to represent a major uncertainty in the prediction of future climate. A new book edited by Dr. Sylvia C. Sullivan, formerly at IMKTRO and now Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona (USA), and Dr. Corinna Hoose, Professor of Theoretical Meteorology and leader of the Cloud Physics Group at IMKTRO, summarizes the current state of knowledge and future research directions. The book includes 16 chapters, written by in total 59 authors, many of the early- and mid-career researchers offering their perspectives of how research on clouds and climate will evolve. The 368-pages tome is published as Volume 281 in AGU’s Geophysical Monograph Series, the flagship book series of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), consisting of in-depth reference volumes in all fields of the Earth and space sciences, often with an interdisciplinary element. It is directed to researchers and advanced students.

The book is for sale as e-book or hardcover at the publisher Wiley and in all common bookstores. The first chapter titled “Science of Cloud and Climate Science: An Analysis of the Literature Over the Past 50 Years” by Sullivan & Hoose is freely accessible at .

Sullivan, S. C. and Hoose, C. (editors), Clouds and Their Climatic Impacts: Radiation, Circulation and Precipitation, 2023. Wiley – American Geophysical Union, Hoboken, NJ. ISBN-13: 9781119700333.

Photo: Corinna Hoose. Cover image: Monsoon clouds over the Bay of Bengal from the International Space Station. Image credit: NASA.