VERTIKATOR / Vertical exchange and orography

  • Contact: Prof. Dr. F. Fiedler
  • Project Group: IMK-TRO
  • Funding: BMBF

Vertical exchange and orography

Project Description

VERTIKATOR - Vertical Exchange and Orography
Vertical transport above orographically structured terrain is mostly described by numerical atmospheric flow models to an insufficient extent only. To improve the situation, measurements made in the boundary layer, the transition layer between the boundary layer and the free atmosphere, and in the free atmosphere and numerical simulations are analyzed with gentle and high (steep) orographies (Black Forest, Alps) being taken into account. Mechanisms and processes are analyzed, which initiate and control vertical transport. This also includes qualitative and quantitative estimations of transports by turbulence due to dry and moist convection.

The results are used to verify parameters of existing weather forecast models (verification and validation) and develop new parameterizations, if necessary.