Participation on a book about "Natural Catastrophe Risk Management and Modelling"


K. Mitchell-Wallace M. Jones, J. H. & Foote, M. (Eds.):
Natural Catastrophe Risk Management and Modelling: A Practitioner's Guide
John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Chicherster, UK, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-118-90604-0


This book covers both the practical and theoretical aspects of catastrophe modelling for insurance industry practitioners and public policymakers. Written by authors with both academic (including Michael Kunz: Capter 2.3: Severe Convective Storms) and industry experience it also functions as an excellent graduate-level text and overview of the field.

Ours is a time of unprecedented levels of risk from both natural and anthropogenic sources. Fortunately, it is also an era of relatively inexpensive technologies for use in assessing those risks. The demand from both commercial and public interests—including (re)insurers, NGOs, global disaster management agencies, and local authorities—for sophisticated catastrophe risk assessment tools has never been greater, and contemporary catastrophe modelling satisfies that demand.

Combining the latest research with detailed coverage of state-of-the-art catastrophe modelling techniques and technologies, this book delivers the knowledge needed to use, interpret, and build catastrophe models, and provides greater insight into catastrophe modelling’s enormous potential and possible limitations.

  • The first book containing the detailed, practical knowledge needed to support practitioners as effective catastrophe risk modellers and managers
  • Includes hazard, vulnerability and financial material to provide the only independent, comprehensive overview of the subject, accessible to students and practitioners alike
  • Demonstrates the relevance of catastrophe models within a practical, decision-making framework and illustrates their many applications