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Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Met. Michael Kunz

Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Met. Michael Kunz

Group Leader
CEDIM spokesman (, Spokesman Topic 6 KIT Climate and Environment Center, Module coordinator faculty of economic sciences
Phone: +49 721 608-22845
michael kunzWsc8∂kit edu

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research
Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

Working Group

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Dr. S. Mohr, Prof. Dr. M. Kunz, Dr. M. Döring (Uni Hamburg)

Prof. Dr. M. Kunz

Prof. Dr. M. Kunz

Dipl.-Met. M. Schmidberger, Prof. Dr. M. Kunz

Prof. Dr. M. Kunz

Dr. H. J. Punge, Prof. Dr. M. Kunz

Prof. Dr. M. Kunz

Dr. M. Kunz, Dr. S. Mohr

Dr. S. Mohr, Dr. M. Kunz, Prof. Dr. B. Ruck (IfH)

Prof. Dr. M. Kunz

Dr. S. Mohr, Dr. M. Kunz

Prof. Dr. M. Kunz

Prof. Dr. Ch. Kottmeier, Dr. M. Kunz

Dr. M.  Kunz

Prof. Dr. Ch. Kottmeier

Dr. H. Schipper, Dr. M. Kunz
Dr. M. Kunz
Dr. M. Kunz
Dr. M. Kunz
Dr. M. Kunz
Dr. M. Kunz

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lecture 2 SoSe

Peer-reviewed journals

Using Emulators to Understand the Sensitivity of Deep Convective Clouds and Hail to Environmental Conditions.
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A Long-Term Overshooting Convective Cloud-Top Detection Database over Australia Derived from MTSAT Japanese Advanced Meteorological Imager Observations.
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The Severe Hailstorm in SW Germany on 28 July 2013 : Characteristics, Impacts, and Meteorological Conditions.
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Review of the flood risk management system in Germany after the major flood in 2013.
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Spatial and temporal distribution of hailstorms in the Alpine region: A long-term, high resolution, radar-based analysis.
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Hail observations and hailstorm characteristics in Europe: A review.
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A collection of sub-daily pressure and temperature observations for the early instrumental period with a focus on the ’year without a summer’ 1816.
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Investigation of superstorm Sandy 2012 in a multi-disciplinary approach.
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Other publications

Temporal variability of severe convective storms connected with hail events across Europe and their relevant drivers.
Mohr, S.; Piper, D. A.; Wandel, J.; Martius, O.; Kunz, M.
2018. 1st North American Workshop on Hail & Hailstorms, 14.-16. August 2018, Boulder, Colorado, USA
The regional risk perception of extreme weather events: The example hail in Germany.
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2018. North American Workshop on Hail & Hailstorms, Boulder, CO, August 14-16, 2018
Schwere Hagelstürme in Deutschland und Europa.
Kunz, M.; Mohr, S.; Punge, H. J.
2018. Warnsignal Klima : Extremereignisse. Hrsg.: J.L. Lozan, 236–242, Wissenschaftliche Auswertungen, Hamburg
Life cycle analysis of convective cells for nowcasting purposes considering atmospheric environment conditions.
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Stochastic modelling of flood-related extreme precipitation in recent and future climates.
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Severe convective storms.
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