Containers arrive at campaign site

More than 6.5 tons of equipment arrive and installation of the measurement site can start.
JWADIMartina Klose

After some delays, two containers carrying over 6.5 tons of equipment have arrived at the J-WADI measurement site north of Wadi Rum in Jordan. Our team has promptly started the installation of the instruments. Our core instrumentation includes:

  • Meteorological instrumentation measuring parameters such as wind speed, temperature, air humidity, atmospheric turbulence, surface energy balance, precipitation, soil humidity
  • Instrumentation measuring particle numbers and sizes, particle optical properties, column aerosol load
  • Aerosol samplers collecting samples of airborne particles

Our site is set up such that it allows the complementary use of in situ and remote sensing instrumentation. The majority of the instruments will be at the main site of around 100m in diameter providing in-depth measurements of the local conditions. These measurements will be augmented by individual mobile platforms in the vicinity, such as on a nearby hill and on a larger open area near the site. Typically, more wind and dusty conditions accompanied the installations in the afternoon giving a glimpse of what can be expected in the following weeks.