[UC]² - Urban Climate Under Change

  • Contact:

    Dr. N. Kalthoff,  Dr. O. Kiseleva

  • Project Group:

    Dr. N. Kalthoff, Dr. B. Adler, Dr. A. Wieser, Dr. J. Handwerker, Dr. O. Kiseleva

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The programme “Urban Climate Under Change - [UC]²” aims at the development, validation and application of building-resolving urban climate models for entire cities. Hence, interdisciplinary analysis can be done and measures for securing and improving urban climate as well as air pollution prevention can be planned.

Four joint research projects with overall 30 subprojects work on three modules: model development (module A), observational data (module B) and practicability (module C).

Within joint research projects ‚Three-dimensional Observation of Atmospheric Processes in Cities (3DO)‘ the subproject subproject 7 “High-resolution urban wind fields and city-surroundings exchange processes” aims at a comprehensive investigation and understanding of the following items: (a) horizontal structure of intra-urban horizontal wind field patterns, (b) vertical structure of Urban Boundary Layers (UBLs), (c) superimposed secondary circulation systems, (d) exchange between the UBL and the lower free troposphere with respect to momentum, heat, humidity and atmospheric pollutants and (e) provision of respective evaluation data for urban climate models.

Our working group concentrates on items (a) and (d) of this subproject. Measurements are taking place in the city of Stuttgart and carrying out during winter and summer intense observation periods (IOPs) by two wind LIDARs “WindTracer”, wind LIDAR “Windcube WLS8” and Radiometer HATPRO.