Research interests

  • Mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction modeling
  • Convective processes of tropical/midlatitude cyclones
  • Wind and precipitation impacts induced by tropical/midlatitude cyclones

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 2022: Postdoctoral researcher, KIT, Germany
  • 2021-2022: Postdoctoral researcher, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada
  • 2015-2021: Ph.D. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, McGill University, Canada
  • 2012-2014: M.Sc. in Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Current Projects

  • BMBF ClimXtreme Module A “Physics and Processes”: A6 “Intensity and structural changes of extreme mid-latitude cyclones change in a warming climate” (CyclEx) link


Other Publications

Chen, T.-C., Di Luca, A., Winger, K., Laprise, R., & Thériault, J. M. (2022). Seasonality of continental extratropical-cyclone wind speeds over northeastern North America. Geophysical Research Letters, 49, e2022GL098776.

Chen, T.-C., Yau, M. K., & Kirshbaum, D. J. (2022). A parameterization of slantwise convection in the WRF model. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 79, 227–245,

Chen, T.-C., Yau, M. K., & Kirshbaum, D. J. (2021). Sensitivities of slantwise convection dynamics to model grid spacing under an idealized framework. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 147, 1930–1948,

Chen, T.-C., Yau, M. K., & Kirshbaum, D. J. (2020). Towards the closure of momentum budget analyses in the WRF (v3.8.1) model. Geoscientific Model Development, 13, 1737–1761,

Chen, T.-C., Yau, M. K., & Kirshbaum, D. J. (2018). Assessment of conditional symmetric instability from global reanalysis data. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 75, 2425–2443,

Chen, T.-C. and Wu, C.-C. (2016). The remote effect of Typhoon Megi (2010) on the heavy rainfall over Northeastern Taiwan. Monthly Weather Review, 144, 3109–3131,

Wu, C.-C., Chen, S.-G., Lin, S.-C. Lin, Yen, T.-H. & Chen, T.-C. (2013). Uncertainty and predictability of tropical cyclone rainfall based on ensemble simulations of Typhoon Sinlaku (2008). Monthly Weather Review, 141, 3517–3538,


PhD Thesis
Chen, T.-C.
(2021): Slantwise Convection: Climatology, Numerical Modeling, and Parameterization. McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Master Thesis
Chen, T.-C.
(2014): Sudden Track Change of Typhoon Megi (2010) and Its Remote Effect on Rainfall over Taiwan - Evaluation of Uncertainty Based on Ensemble Simulations. National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.