Successful 2nd European Hail Workshop in Bern


Last week the "2nd European Hail Workshop" took place at the University of Bern (Switzerland), which was organized by our working group 'atmospheric risk', the Meteo Swiss, the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research (OCCR) and the Mobilar Lab from the University of Bern.

Overall, almost 140 participants from 27 different countries (from all continents) visited the workshop. In addition to scientists and employees of various weather services, about one third of the participants came from the insurance sector.  

The program comprised around 40 talks and a poster session with the following topics:

  •     Convection and hail in a changing climate
  •     The microphysics and dynamics of hail storms
  •     Modelling of hail
  •     Hail damage and hail damage prevention
  •     Local probabilities and long-term statistics of hail
  •     Nowcasting and forecasting of hail

Further information including talks (pptx and podcasts) and posters can be found here. We look forward to the next hail workshop in 3 years.