Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research

Excellent Teaching in the BSc and MSc Programs of Meteorology

Lectures and exercises received excellent grades from the students and teaching awards from the KIT faculty of physics
Fig. 1: apl. Prof. Dr. Michael Kunz

The lecture “General Meteorology”, with apl. Prof. Dr. Michael Kunz, was awarded as best lecture in experimental physics by the KIT faculty of physics. In addition, the exercises for this lecture, with tutors Katharina Maurer and Markus Augenstein, received the award for the best exercises. The honorary mentions are based on the evaluation polls among the participants and are awarded by the faculty council upon recommendation by the committee of study affairs. Even though direct interaction and personal contact was more difficult due to the current online teaching formats, the students praised the communication and interactive elements, e. g. questionnaires in the lectures, and the ability of the lecturer and tutors to spread enthusiasm for the topics of the course. The course “General Meteorology” is the major course the first semester of the BSc in Meteorology. In addition, students from other study programs attend the course as a minor.

Fig. 2: Exercises in General Meteorology with Markus Augenstein und Katharina Maurer

Several other lectures in meteorology have also received top gradings by the students, but had too low numbers of attendants for the awards.

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