Short portrait of the teachers
Name Working Group Lectures Contact Portrait
  Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions (WS), Energetics (WS), Synoptics 1 (WS), Meteorological Beginners Course (SS), General Atmospheric Circulation (SS), Synoptics 2 (SS).
  (WS) Arctic Climate System, (SS) Remote Sensing of Atmosphere and Ocean.
  Theoretical Meteorology 1 (WS) & Theoretical Meteorology 2 (SS)
  Theoretical Meteorology 1 (WS) & Cloud Physics (WS) & Theoretical Meteorology 2 (SS) & Numerical Methods in Meteorology (SS)

Spurenstoffmodellierung und Klimaprozesse

Turbulent Diffusion (SS)
  Climate Modeling and Dynamics with ICON (WS), Seminar on IPCC Assessment Report (WS), Climatology (SS)
  Instrumentation (WS) & Theoretical Meteorology 4 (WS) & Numerical Methods in Meteorology ( SS)
  (WS) Middle Atmosphere in the Climate System, (WS) Atmospheric Radiation, (SS) Advanced Meteorological Practicals.
  General Meteorology (WS)