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Spurenstoffmodellierung und Klimaprozesse

Turbulent Diffusion (SS)
  (WS) Middle Atmosphere in the Climate System, (WS) Physics of Planetary Atmospheres.
  (SS) Energy Meteorology  
  (WS) Climate Modelling & Dynamics with ICON, (WS) Seminar on IPCC Report
  Theoretical Meteorology 3 (WS), Theoretical Meteorology 4 (WS).
  General Meteorology (WS)
  (WS) Physics of Planetary Atmospheres.  
  Instrumentation (WS) & Theoretical Meteorology 4 (WS) & Numerical Methods in Meteorology ( SS)
  (WS) Atmospheric Aerosols, (SS) Advanced Meteorological Practicals.
  (WS) Arctic Climate System, (SS) Remote Sensing of Atmosphere and Ocean.
  Atmospheric Chemistry (SS)  
  (WS) Middle Atmosphere in the Climate System, (WS) Atmospheric Radiation, (SS) Advanced Meteorological Practicals.
  Theoretical Meteorology 1 (WS) & Theoretical Meteorology 2 (SS)