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The institute deals adresses important scientific questions of the atmosphere and climate and carries out projects in close cooperation with other research institutions. It conveys basic knowledge about the atmosphere and the climate system to students of meteorology and other disciplines in its courses.Findings from research are among others presented in publications and research highlights on this website. In addition, the research results are made available for applications in politics, administration, business and for citizens.

The Portuguese wildfires in 2017 as multivariate high-impact weather event

Compound weather and climate events: the analysis of the October 2017 wildfires in Portugal and implications for end user guidance

DunkelflautenFabian Mockert
Using weather regimes to better predict Dunkelflauten in Germany?

Periods of low wind and solar power output in combination with cold temperatures can stress the energy system.

Fischer_earthDWD/Jannik Wilhelm
Better weather forecasts thanks to artificial intelligence?

KIT researchers and members of national weather services discuss new "playground" to explore the benefits of machine learning in weather forecasting.

hoose_baroclinicBehrooz Keshtgar
Interaction between clouds and radiation affects extratropical cyclones

Cloud radiative heating and cooling have a substantial impact on the dynamics and predictability of an idealized extratropical cyclone.

  Amadeus Bramsiepe
More Precise and Efficient Weather Forecasts

Julian Quinting of KIT receives ERC Starting Grant – ASPIRE project increases reliability of weather forecasts, and reduces computing costs and energy consumption

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Babic_Inntal_TeaserNevio Babic
Tributary outflows in the Inn Valley during the TEAMx pre-campaign

Coupling two KITcube Doppler wind lidars enabled a novel perspective of tributary valley outflows during stable nighttime conditions.

Time for Change

Pilot project at IMK-TRO to realize more equal opportunities and appreciation of diversity

JQADIMartina Klose
On the track of the secret of giant dust particles

Unprecendented international field campaign in Jordan starts.

klimaforschung-AfrikaMarlon Maranan
Tracking the weather

  IMK-TRO's climate research in Africa makes valuable contributions to flood protection and rainforest preservation


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