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The institute deals adresses important scientific questions of the atmosphere and climate and carries out projects in close cooperation with other research institutions. It conveys basic knowledge about the atmosphere and the climate system to students of meteorology and other disciplines in its courses.Findings from research are among others presented in publications and research highlights on this website. In addition, the research results are made available for applications in politics, administration, business and for citizens.

New mathematical methods to decipher African meteorology

Machine learning and statistical emulators help to better understand and forecast the complex weather and climate of tropical Africa

CEDIM FDA Report “Exceptional precipitation and flooding in southern Germany in June 2024”

While the flood was still in progress, CEDIM researchers carried out an initial historical classification of the event and categorized regions according to the degree of expected damage.

WasserdampfprofileAndreas Wieser
KITcube receives new Lidar systems for water vapor profiles

Five new DIAL profilers extend the KITcube measuring system with continuous measurements of water vapor profiles in the boundary layer

AG PintoNASA Worldview
Windstorm losses in Europe – What to gain from damage datasets

A combination of different datasets is crucial to obtain a representative picture of windstorm associated impacts.

 Susanna Mohr
Hail Conference at KIT: Researchers from all over the world meet

Hailstorms cause considerable damage again and again. The 4th European Hail Workshop was held at KIT in March 2024 to inform and discuss the current state of hail research and to identify new possible solutions.

RadiosondeAgnes Meyer-Brandis
Chasing the secrets of snowflakes

6-week field campaign by researchers from KIT and Leipzig University in wintry Finland

Wolkenwalze_TeaserAndreas H. Fink
Challenges and prospects for improved weather and climate services in Africa

To adapt to climate change, Africa needs long-term investment in scientific infrastructure and careers in meteorology

GlobusHans Schipper
The IMKTRO presentation globe in the Triangle

From April to June, the presentation globe advertises meteorological research at KIT at a prominent location on Kronenplatz.

Weather Forecast: Prediction of the Distribution of Mineral Dust in the Atmosphere

With the model system ICON-ART developed by KIT, the DWD will be able to improve its energy

forecasts by predicting mineral dust and its effects on radiation.

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